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For your Canberra chauffeured transport

The following details relate to our payment process, and are designed with traveller convenience and security in mind.


Bookings are confirmed when you provide us with credit card details. We ask that this is done via phone or encrypted means (such as Signal SMS app) to protect privacy. We hold these securely until completion of the service(s).

Payment can be taken by us using these card details at completion of the service(s), or by the traveller, using an alternative card of their choice.

We accept                                - all of which attract a 1.9% processing fee (which is not greater than our cost of acceptance)

A tax invoice is emailed upon request, and a payment receipt can be sent via email or SMS upon request.

This protocol ensures that the client need not deal with payment or paperwork at the conclusion of our service.

We use the Square payment system, Paypal Business and PayID.


"Matt, thank you for your kind and professional attention to our logistic problem. You were on time, which ensured we made all our connections. It was hard to decide between you and your car as to who was the best presented. Thank you one last time. 

Dr Vincent and Mrs Robillard

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